What Can Labour do to Win the Rural Vote?

Huw Irranca-Davies MP delivered a speech during the Labour Party Conference 2014 at a Countryside Alliance Fringe titled ‘What Can Labour do to Win the Rural Vote’. You can find the text of the speech below, however please check against delivery, alternatively you can watch the video by clicking on the link. Text of speech: […]

Recall of Parliament to Debate UK Military Involvement in Iraq

Tomorrow, parliament has been recalled to debate and vote on the issue of the involvement of British forces in air-strikes in Iraq. This is a highly contentious issue, which will not be taken lightly by any government, or any parliamentarian. A decision to give UK support to air-strikes could have wide and long-lasting repercussions, not[…]

Huw’s Stroud speech on the Badger Cull and Bovine Tb

Below is the text of a speech Huw delivered on the badger culls and bTb in Stroud on 15th September 2014. ***Check against Delivery*** Thank you very much for inviting me here this afternoon, it’s good to see you all including our fantastic PPC for Stroud, David Drew. Last week David Cameron’s failed badger-culls started[…]

Huw’s speech on The Elliott Report and Food Fraud

Huw’s addressed the House of Commons on Monday 8th September on Food Fraud and the publication of the final Elliot Report, below is the text of his speech including interventions in the Debate:   Huw Irranca-Davies (Ogmore) (Lab): I congratulate all right hon. and hon. Members who have contributed. We may be few in number, but[…]